Creamy avocado dip with cheese crispbreads

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NZ Cheese Crispbreads - a delicious and moreish cheese cracker!

Try this fresh yet filling Avo dip with our tasty NZ cheese crispbreads.

A perfect afternoon snack or even an easy entertaining option!



Huntley & Palmers NZ Cheese crispbreads

(try with our chive variety for a twist!)

2 NZ avodaco, scopped

Juice of ½ lemon and grated zest  

2 tbsp unsweetened Greek yoghurt

1 shallot, finely chopped 

1 tbsp fresh thyme leaves,  picked 

1-2 tbsp balsamic glaze

Salt & pepper, black peppercorns

Cherry tomatoes, sliced  




In a bowl, mash avocado flesh with back of a fork with the lemon juice and zest. 

Mix yoghurt, shallot and thyme. Season to taste. 

Spread generous amount of the avocado dip on Huntley & Palmers Cheese Crispbreads.

Top with tomatoes and drizzle balsamic glaze and serve. 

Alternatively, serve the avocado dip in a bowl, with tomatoes and balsamic glaze to accompany Huntley & Palmers NZ Cheese Crispbreads.

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