Summer Entertaining - Sorted!

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Huntley & Palmers Platter Selection available over Chirstmas!

Summer entertaining just got easier! Pick up a Huntley & Palmers Platter Selection box and you'll be one step closer to achieving platter perfection. 

Available at selected supermarkets over the summer season only - get yours while stock lasts. 

Each Huntley & Palmers Platter Selection contains; Baked Flatbread Toasted Sesame, Baked Oat Thins Cranberry, Coconut & Honey and Original Water Crackers.

The best grazing platters have a variety of flavours, textures and shapes. Follow these steps to build your own gram-worthy platter!

  • Start with your Platter Selection box – the crackers bring your platter pieces together
  • Add a variety of cheeses. Try baking brie and topping with raspberries, or roll goat’s cheese in dukkah spices for an extra special experience
  • Add chunky dips for a burst of flavour
  • Add colour with cherry tomatoes, raspberries, green grapes and cherries
  • Tuck nuts, olives and seasonal fruit into any empty spaces

 Now sit back, relax and enjoy your summer!


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