Smoked Salmon Tray Bake

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Baked Sourdough Crackers- made with stoneground flour and real sourdough culture

Simply the best hot smoked salmon platter. Choosing top quality components is the key to this truly wonderful, yet easy appetiser. Serve with a light wine or bubbly for a full tasting experience. 




1 pack Aoraki BBQ & Horopito Dry Rub Hot Smoked salmon portion 

½ cup crème fraîche 

½ cup pesto

½ cucumber, sliced

1 lemon, wedges

1 box Huntley & Palmers baked sourdough, roasted garlic & herb 


Italian parsley

Drizzle of extra virgin avocado or olive oil 




Arrange the salmon, crème fraîche, pesto, cucumber, fresh parsley and lemon wedges attractively on a platter or tray. Add the baked sourdough crackers and serve with drinks.  

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