Pilsner - A versatile beer for food matching!

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We love beer. And we love food. So we get particularly excited about a delicious pairing. We asked Marty @thebackyardcook to match a perfect frosty beer with these Skirt Steak Crackers and Beer Caramelised Onions 

Pilsners are extremely versatile beers for food matching.  It won’t overwhelm delicate flavours, but also has enough get up and go to holds its own with more spicy dishes and barbeque meats.

For this platter, I wanted a beer that would give the caramelized onions a rich creamy texture but without overpowering the onions themselves. The Moa pilsner has some lovely aromatics and a few spicy characteristics which blend harmoniously to create some seriously moorish onions.

Whip the onions up the day before or on the morning of the game, let them sit and the flavours will develop even further.


 hero skirtSteak1x3


Marty The Backyard Cook


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