How to cook the perfect steak

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by Marty The Backyard Cook

Marty knows a thing or two about cooking meat.  You just have to look at his backyard set up – a pizza oven, about 4 different styles of barbeque, a smoker, a whopper of a herb garden…you name it, he’s got it.  So, we asked him to share his secrets to cooking the perfect steak

Marty tells us how and why you should slice against the grain

How you slice your steak is just as important as how you cook it.  So don't let all that hard work, care and attention go to waste by slicing it wrong. Check out the guide below, take notes and make every slice count.



The grain of the meat in this skirt steak runs horizontally


What do we mean by grain?

The direction of the muscle fibres in a cut of meat determines the grain.  It is easier to identify the grain in tougher cuts like flank, hanger and skirt steak.
The nifty little arrows above show that the grain lines run horizontally across the steak.



 Don’t let those epic grill marks fool you! Follow the grain.


Why slice against the grain?

The type of cut determines how tender and juicy the meat will be. But did you know that how you cut your steak also makes a big difference?

Find the direction of the grain then slice across it, so not along the same direction the lines are going.  Use a nice sharp knife, it’s that simple.

Slicing across the grain in tougher cuts of meat shortens up the muscle fibers. This makes each slice more tender, delicious and easier to eat



If you slice it like a boss, this is how it should look

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